Ruby Osorio: Extreme Unction
September 16 - October 28, 2006

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Press Release

Cherry and Martin is proud to present new works on paper by Ruby Osorio. The exhibition is the artist’s first solo presentation since her 2005/06 traveling museum show, Ruby Osorio: Story of a Girl (Who Awakes Far, Far Away).

Ruby Osorio’s works on paper address identity as an unresolved narrative in which allegory, myth, and fantasy play central roles. Osorio’s distinctly feminine imagery explores one's ability/desire to transcend physical and psychological limitations; her technique of dense patterning, stitching and repetition invokes ritual as a formal, tactile and symbolic presence.

Some of the works included in Osorio’s upcoming exhibition take direct reference and interpretation from Hokusai, his attention to the themes of transcendence of daily life and humans’ relationship to nature. In one work, Extreme Unction, 2006, a pregnant woman sits surrounded by ornate fabric, her round belly exposed. She looks up to a beautiful, intricate spider web and five larger-than-life black spiders who carry soft white eggs from the web to the woman’s bosom, the round bodies of the spiders mimicking her own full figure. Stand-in’s, perhaps, for creation anxieties, Extreme Unction suggests this arachnid daydream may sooth the fears as only the familiar can.

Ruby Osorio’s solo exhibition, Ruby Osorio: Story of a Girl (Who Awakes Far, Far Away) traveled from the Contemporary Museum St. Louis (March 18—June 12, 2005) to the Laguna Art Museum (November 6, 2006—February 26, 2006). In the spring of 2006, Osorio spent several months in Japan on the prestigious ARCUS residency. Since early last year, Osorio’s work has been featured in Contemporary, Art on Paper, Art Papers, Dazed and Confused and Fader. In addition, her work was featured in the 2006 show Swallow Harder: Selections from the Ben and Aileen Krohn Collection at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle.

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