Noah Sheldon
May 31 - July 5, 2008

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Press Release

Cherry and Martin presents the first West Coast solo exhibition of New York based artist Noah Sheldon’s installation, sculpture, video and photography.

Noah Sheldon, who first studied to be a composer at the New England Conservatory of Music, transforms space through a methodical juxtaposition of sculpture, photography, video, light and sound. Sheldon’s installations often combine mundane sculptural materials with subtle yet intricate nuances, such as luminous or acoustic elements. The result is meditative. For example, Sheldon’s 2007 solo exhibition at D’Amelio Terras consisted in part of a kind of synthetic hypnotic Zen garden complete with mechanical wind chimes, a trickling fountain and pink fluorescent lights. A second installation by the artist included a picnic bench scattered with envelopes from the local film developing shop that contained snapshots of Sheldon’s most recent road trip. Sheldon encourages the viewer to slow down, become aware of their atmospheric surroundings, stay as long as they like and leave with the nostalgia of their own personal experience.  

In his exhibition at Cherry and Martin, Noah Sheldon will use the front gallery to house one of his perpetual wind chime sculptures. Constructed out of fragmented building materials such as wood, steel, metal cable and fence post caps, these sculptures resemble an oversized version of your typical porch ornamentation. Complete with a motor that gives the strings intermittent tugs and causes the chimes to gently strike each other, Sheldon has designed a wind-driven percussion instrument traditionally hung outdoors for an indoor space (with no wind).

Noah Sheldon received his MFA in Visual Arts at Columbia University. He has had solo exhibitions at D’Amelio Terras (New York, NY) and Southfirst (Brooklyn, NY). His work has been featured in group exhibitions at, the Institute of Contemporary Art (Philadelphia, PA); John Connelly Presents (New York, NY); PS.1 Museum of Contemporary Art (Long Island City, NY), the Swiss Institute (New York, NY) and the Queens Museum (Queens, New York).

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