Daniel Dove
January 16 - February 20, 2010

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Press Release

Cherry and Martin presents its second solo exhibition of Daniel Dove’s large-scale oil paintings dealing with pictorial construction and the manipulated environments of contemporary America.

Daniel Dove’s recent paintings depict structures in states of transition, either half-ruined or partially reconstructed. The subjects of Dove’s pictures range from suburban landscape detritus to charged contemporary artifacts (such as reconstructed bombed airplane fuselages), meticulously re-built to understand or reinvent their original trauma. In this rebuilding, Dove’s objects reveal a longing for completeness that can never be restored, much the way that his highly composed canvases offer distilled, ordered fictions based on chaotic and often dangerous real-world events.

Daniel Dove’s process combines naturalistic depiction with reflexive aspects that refer to image-making and/or painting. This could be emphasis on painting’s material (gesture and other process evidence), reference to genres of abstraction (all-over, geometric), or the idea of an image within the image that doubles the picture plane (such as a billboard, stage flat, or movie set).  By working multiple concerns within each work, Dove’s paintings echo the re-assembled or staged aspects of his subjects, where unity is always both present and tenuous.  This balance of depictive and reflexive ambitions makes both narratives—that of studio thinking and that of the world external to art—equally important in Dove’s work. 

Daniel Dove received his MFA from Yale University. His work has been featured in such exhibitions as Fracture and Fidelity, curated by Chris Bedford, at RISD (Providence, RI); Made in California at the Frederick R. Wesiman Museum of Art (Malibu, CA); and Dreaming of a More Better Future, curated by Saul Ostrow, at the Cleveland Art Institute (Cleveland, OH).

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