Nathan Mabry to create public art project for St. Petersburg pier

The City of St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg, FL

"Nathan Mabry of California will create a coated steel, origami-inspired pelican that will greet visitors at the Entry Plaza of the new Pier. 


"Myth (Red Pelican)" This design is inspired by the geometry of the new pier design and the symbol of the pelican (a symbol for kindness, generosity, friendship and love) as the emblem for St. Petersburg. Nathan found inspiration in the accessible and universal visual language of Origami, the art of folding paper. The notion of an abstract metal monument rooted in something as intimate, delicate and timeless as folded paper became his focus.


The "Myth (Red Pelican)" structure will be approximately 120" high, fabricated from thick aluminum plate metal with a satin single color painted finish.


The structure includes the three realistic pelicans atop the origami style pelican."

March 29, 2019
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