Pat O'Neill featured in Sound for Silents 2021: Film + Music on the Walker Hillside

Walker Art Center

Thursday, August 19, 2021 at 6:30pm


Wurtele Upper Garden

725 Vineland Place,

Minneapolis, MN 55403


Press Release:

"Join the us on the hillside at sunset for Sound for Silents and catch electrifying live music and films on the big screen. It’s the perfect summer night out!


Now in its fifth year, this summer’s program features Minneapolis-based artist/producer FPA, called “an arranger extraordinaire” by the Current. Drawing on works from the Ruben/Bentson Moving Image Collection, FPA will perform her newly commissioned scores for an entrancing evening of music and film. The event begins at 7 pm with DJ Yonci Jameson playing tunes until the sun goes down.


7 pm DJ and Food Trucks
8:30 pm Screening and Performance


About the Artist:

FPA, also known as Frances Priya, is a multidisciplinary artist from Minneapolis. Her full-length, self-produced debut album 'Yang Chen' was released in late 2019. Sound for Silents music curator Doug Benidt notes, “She arranges her seemingly effortless lyrics and complex flow with dreamy instrumentation and cinematic soundscapes, evoking an emotional atmosphere that is sometimes playful, sometimes tender, and always gorgeous.” FPA performs with Patrick Horigan (keys, guitar), Madison Hallman (vox), Jon Lindquist (percussion), DeCarlo Jackson (trumpet, bass).


About the Films:

'Jefferson Circus Songs' by Suzan Pitt
Combining cut-out and hand-drawn animation with fantastical live-action sequences, artist Suzan Pitt creates an imaginative circus of surrealist characters. Made during a 1972 summer workshop with children at Jefferson School, the film was cosponsored by Walker Art Center and Urban Arts program of Minneapolis Public Schools. 1973, US, 16mm to digital, 15 min.


'Bowling Alley' by Shu Lea Cheang

This film made for multimedia artist Shu Lea Cheang’s first cybernetic art installation features a series of bowlers staring into the lens of the camera, preparing to make a move. Commissioned by the Walker Art Center. 1995, US, 16mm to digital, 18 min. 


'Horizontal Boundaries' by Pat O’Neill
Images from in and around Los Angeles portray diverse landscapes of Southern California. Layered and combined by hand, the depictions are altered and displaced as horizontal lines from between the celluloid frames draw attention to a disappearing motion picture technology. 2008, US, 35mm to digital, 23 min."

August 19, 2021
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