Thought Pieces: 1970s Photographs by Lew Thomas, Donna-Lee Phillips and Hal Fischer at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Floor 3
San Francisco, CA

January 4–August 9, 2020


"In the early 1970s, Lew Thomas set out to disrupt photography in San Francisco. Tired of the mystical thinking and emotionalism that he felt had dominated work produced in the region since the 1940s, Thomas pursued a practice grounded in Conceptual art and Structuralist philosophy. DonnaLee Phillips and Hal Fischer were among the cohort of photographers who embraced Thomas’s mission and followed his lead in exploring the relationship between photography and language. For a short but intensely active period from the mid to late 1970s, the three frequently exhibited together, wrote about one another’s work and published books under the imprint NFS Press, founded by Thomas and Phillips. This exhibition will reunite their work for the first time in decades, offering an opportunity to reassess their legacy in the Bay Area and their place in the larger history of photography."

April 11, 2019
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